About Sarah

Enthusiastic, innovative, and innately ambitious, residential real estate agent Sarah Boyer has a passion for solving people’s problems and helping them reach their goals.

Sarah earned a BS in Kinesiology from Sacramento State University, and she brings a fresh perspective and unique set of skills and experience to her real estate business. As a personal trainer for many years, she found tremendous satisfaction in creating individualized plans for her clients, based on their needs and desires, and helping them identify pitfalls and work around them. She has carried forward what she learned to build a foundation for success with her clients today. “Buying a home is one of the most important goals you’ll ever set,” she says, “because home is where your family and your heart is.”

Her family owned several investment properties when she was growing up, and she started learning and investing at a young age. “I’ve always enjoyed how each property challenges me,” Sarah says. “Some need work, some are in great shape, and they all come with opportunities for me to use my creative problem-solving skills.” As a financial assistant for a construction company, Sarah acquired practical experience in construction, gained familiarity with loans and other financial transactions, and honed her organizational skills. She currently owns several rental properties in California.

Warm and outgoing, Sarah easily connects with young families and first-time home buyers. “I’m in a similar phase of life and can relate to them,” she says. She also has strong ties with public service employees—first responders, health care workers, and military personnel—and their families. Sarah offers a total package of services to make the process of buying or selling less overwhelming; distinctive marketing abilities, fast communication, and trend awareness are among her many assets. Her business is focused on the Silicon Valley, specifically in the communities of Central San Jose, Los Gatos, and Almaden Valley.

Sarah is an avid traveler who loves the thrills of discovering new places and experiencing different cultures. At home in the Bay Area, she and her partner, Stone, enjoy gardening, wine tasting, and hiking with their border collie, Auggie.